GF Capital


Bill L.

“GF Capital is the best lender I have ever been involved with in my 45 years of real estate development. In addition to being professional in every aspect, GF Capital kept their word once agreement is reached. The entire experience was one of transparency and honor.”

Jay S. – Construction Manager

“The GF Capital Team was outstanding to work with. We had a bridge funding need that was complicated and under a tight time constraint. Their team was very organized and thorough. They stayed in constant contact throughout the process eliminating any potential delays which we could not afford. I will definitely look to GF Capital in the future and would have no problem personally recommending them as a financing solution.”

Mike G. – Business Owner

“When a business opportunity presented itself that was too good to pass up, GF Capital was incredibly responsive and creative. They analyzed my needs and custom designed a loan that worked perfectly. A few months later another opportunity presented itself and they were there for me again. The entire team was great to work with throughout.”

Eric D. – Financier

“I primarily deal with institutional lenders but when I have a complex loan and need to work with a private lender who can understand the complexities and is responsive, fair and does exactly what they say they will do, GF Capital is my go to lender.”

William W. – Developer

“GF Capital filled a tremendous need for us as interim financing.  We could not be more thankful for the professionalism your team approaches these unique and sometimes complicated financing. Everyone is to be applauded!

We will always be returning to GF Capital in the future. “

Paul G. – Investor

“An opportunity too good to pass up came along and GF Capital worked with me quickly to pull cash out of one of my properties to help make it happen. They are responsive and understand real estate. As an investor, that is extremely important. I highly recommend giving GF Capital a call if you want to get your loan done quickly and with minimal hassle!”

George B. – Builder

“GF Capital came through for us when we were under an extreme time crunch. The entire team performed flawlessly. They did what they said they would do with no surprises. They allowed us to use our equity to solve a challenging issue! If the need ever arises again, we would not hesitate to reach out to them again.”

Bill W. – Community Builder

“The people at GF Capital are knowledgeable, experienced and understand what our company needs to achieve when acquiring properties with a quick close.  They don’t follow your typical institutional lending model; they have a much more common sense and personal approach. We had several projects that were very time-sensitive, and they were able to put a loan in place on a very quick timeline, which enabled us to obtain the properties on performance versus price in our market. They’re very flexible and worked with us to understand the builder side of the equation.  In short, GF Capital trusted our reputation as a homebuilding professional and are truly interested in knowing our vision and business plan.  Having GF Capital invest the time with us provides a lot of confidence to us as operators.”

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