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If you’re in need of business financing, particularly for a real estate deal, then a commercial bridge loan might be for you. Bridge loans are a unique kind of short-term loan that is different from typical business loans. GF Capital specializes in commercial bridge loans in Southern California and can explain the whole process. We can make deals faster than traditional lenders and mortgage brokers because we understand the industry and use our own money. There is no red tape or chain of higher-ups we have to get approval from. Deals happen every day, and we move as fast as business does. Commercial bridge loans are a great way to get financing fast.

Commercial Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are a way for anyone to buy a piece of real estate quickly. It’s that easy. Real estate developers, flippers, and everyone else in the industry need the ability to move fast. When a market is hot, there’s no time to wait for funding. That’s where bridge lenders come in. Bridge lenders loan money for real estate, and that property becomes the collateral for the loan. It’s also known as an asset-backed loan. Borrowers find an investment property they want to buy and contact a bridge lender like GF Capital. The lender will look at the property and the potential borrower and decide whether to make the deal. There is paperwork and information needed before money is handed over, but the process is lightning quick compared to a large bank or lender.

Payment of Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are usually paid back within 12 months. Most people pay off their loans with money from the sale of the property they bought, but there are other options available. Loans are structured differently based on many factors but most of them have a balloon payment at the end of the term. At the end, the full amount of the outstanding loan is due. If the loan is defaulted, then the lender will take the collateral given, which in most cases is the property that was purchased by the borrower. Real estate backed loans like this are low risk for the lender because they will get something in return for their money if the borrower defaults, real estate.

GF Capital is a commercial bridge loan lender based in Santa Ana, California. We make our own deals, with our own money, and we close fast. Contact us today.

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