GF Capital provides a wide range of

Real Estate Secured Loans

GF Capital originates bridge loans secured by real estate in the State of California. We are a private lender that is not dependent on investors, hedge funds, banks or other financing conduits to fund our loans. Our underwriting, loan documentation preparation and closing coordination is all done in-house with “ease of communication and coordination” throughout the loan process. So, when execution is critical and you need your bridge loan funded in a timely manner, give us a call at our office in Santa Ana, California, and put our vast real estate and lending knowledge to work for you.

 We specialize in short-term bridge lending solutions on the following
property types:

  •    Retail – Single tenant and multi-tenant
  •    Industrial – Single tenant and multi-tenant
  •    Special Purpose (i.e. private schools, restaurants, nurseries, child care facilities, entertainment facilities and more)
  •    Non-owner occupied condos, townhouses and single family homes
  •    Multi-family apartments and senior living communities
  •    Land (vacant, partially improved, entitled, finished lots)
  •    Loans starting at $250,000



For the following purposes:

  • 1031 tax deferred exchange facilitation (reverse exchange loans with accommodator)
  • To reposition the asset
  • Assist Foreign Nationals
  • Cash Out
  • Refinance maturing debt
  • Loan Consolidation
  • Partnership Buyouts
  • Financing the real estate portion of a business purchase
  • Builder Inventory Loans
  • Builder Bridge Loans
  • New Home Inventory Loans
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Land Loans

Our developer expertise allows us to add value. Often times these purchases have many moving parts and a bridge loan secured by land allows the buyer to prepare the land for construction or permanent financing.

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Commercial Bridge Loans

We love being the bridge to better loans. We always want what is best for our borrowers and sometimes that means we go into a loan knowing it is only temporary.

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We love the repeat business that comes from our experienced fix and flip borrowers.  Our borrowers love knowing they have the resources lined up to move quickly!

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Multi-Family Bridge Loans

Often times the best opportunities come with speed and “cash”. We help facilitate investors to make smart, efficient purchases.

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1031 Facilitation Loans

The tax code is unforgiving when it comes to the timing related to 1031 Exchanges. That is when our speed and real estate knowledge is critical.

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SFR Cash Out for Business Purposes

We are a great source to tap into the equity in your real estate holdings. When a great business opportunity presents itself, our speed and reliability helps our borrowers take full advantage of their equity.

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Non-Owner Occupied SFR’s

Almost all property types can qualify and given our vast knowledge of real estate, we can fund your loan quickly and often times before the appraisal is completed.

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The Need for Speed

With our own in-house staff and using our own funds our ability to close FAST is a loan program all by itself. If you need it done and have run out of time, give us a call!

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